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Eine mysteriöse Kindersendung aus den er Jahren spielt eine Rolle bei einer ganzen Reihe Morde - und im Leben eines Mannes, der ein Geheimnis mit sich herumträgt. Channel Zero ist eine US-amerikanische Horrorserie im Stil einer Anthologie. Die Erstausstrahlung fand am Oktober beim Sender Syfy statt. Channel Zero: Horror-Anthologie-Serie, von der zwei Staffeln à sechs Episoden bestellt wurden. Staffel 1, „Candle Cove“, erzählt die Geschichte einer . Der Kinderpsychologe Mike Painter kehrt in seine Heimatstadt in Ohio zurück. Dort ist vor fast dreißig Jahren Schreckliches geschehen: Ein Serienmörder hat. In der Syfy-Serie Channel Zero wird jede Staffel eine eigene, in sich abgeschlossene Geschichte in Form einer Creepypasta erzählt. Dabei handelt es sich u.

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In der Syfy-Serie Channel Zero wird jede Staffel eine eigene, in sich abgeschlossene Geschichte in Form einer Creepypasta erzählt. Dabei handelt es sich u. Channel Zero [OV/OmU]. Season 1. Season 1 Sehr spannende Mystery/Horror Serie, eine Adaption der Creepypasta "Candle Cove". Gute Schauspieler. Eine mysteriöse Kindersendung aus den er Jahren spielt eine Rolle bei einer ganzen Reihe Morde - und im Leben eines Mannes, der ein Geheimnis mit sich herumträgt.

The characters' stubborn obliviousness to the danger is disturbing yet not unbelievable at all, given the context.

I'm looking forward to the next episode, and I do that with only a few TV shows, and never before with horror TV.

MariX2 3 January Negativity bias makes me remember the things I dislike before the things I liked, so let's start there.

First, a question. Why was this 6 episodes long? Better question. Why is each episode 44 minutes long? This was based on a creepypasta meaning they already didn't have a whole lot to work with and then they stretched how much as they could.

This makes the pacing very slow, and for a horror show, I felt bored most of the time. I guess they wanted to make a slow-burner, but they went way too far, and some scenes just feel like filler.

The show is well-shot, but I think some scenes were way too dark to see anything, maybe it's just my TV but during episode 4 in the corn maze, I was barely able to see anything.

And there's the usual horror cliches, like characters doing things just because the script requires something spooky to happen and pointless sex scenes.

No jump scares though, except for one in the very last episode. But let's talk about the good, as I already said, the show is well shot, the acting is good and aside from moving at a snail's pace the story is also good.

On the flip-side, I think this makes for a great show to put on TV when you want to sleep because so many scenes happen with little dialogue and not many things happening.

This isn't a backhanded compliment, I love watching something to help me sleep and this show fits right into.

I enjoyed this show and look forward to seeing how they build upon it. I like the format of 6 episodes although it seems a little stretched out for this story.

I thought the atmosphere of the show was excellent and also the slow building tension. The show definitely makes you uncomfortable.

Only drawback was it was a little too slow at times and you were waiting for something to happen.

Acting was decent though and direction was great. I like the effects they used as well on a small budget.

Cheers and I look forward to hopefully great things as the show continues. Loved the dark feel of the entire series.

The puppets were all scary in their own way. I don't know why, but the character of the little girl with the red hair and blue head scarf was the creepiest one for me!

Loved all the actors in this, wish we could have seen more of the beginning when all the adults were kids rather than focus on adult Mike dealing with his past.

Luca Villacis did a great job playing twins, you almost believe there are two of him. Why only 6 episodes? At 6 episodes, we're just starting to get emotionally invested.

Regardless, great show by all, great job Nick Antosca. Candy Cove is no where close to being even remotely spooky.

It looks and sounds like some children's school Pirate themed project filmed in class. The dialog is not menacing. The figures are not disturbing.

The lack of content to fill 6 episodes really show whenever you get scenes which shows a protagonist just walking through a building for 3 minutes with no atmosphere and simple camera pans, it gets really tedious to watch.

Repeat that with 20 seconds here of people just sitting around and 20 seconds of lingering shots every scene change, this becomes unwatchable.

And being billed as horror, the creatures look identical to grade school home made Halloween costumes. How is that suppose to create tension?

All in all, the producers should really had made this into hour long stand-alone episodes, like a true horror anthology. Unbelievable that this had been picked up for 4 seasons.

Guess SyFy is really desperate to fill up the time slots. I have never written a review prior to this, I have loved this show since it's inception, but season 4 was absolutely epic!

I loved every episode and will cherish this season forever. Give it a watch :. I've seen the first season, second season, and what is out of the third season.

The first season started off interesting but quickly morphed into a wooden supernatural cop drama, which I might have enjoyed if the acting wasn't so wooden.

I found myself wanting to care about the plot and characters but just couldn't. The second season was SO good.

I was impressed with the phenomenal acting from the entire cast but particularly from John Caroll Lynch. The thing that really made me return every episode was the character studies unfolding.

By the end of the season I felt like I knew and deeply cared about most of the characters. It was creepy, the plot was terrifying, and the psychological aspects were haunting.

It delves into grief and regret in such an original way. I Recommend it highly. The third season so far, which is only an episode in trying not to judge it too soon is fine but the acting from a few characters is genuinely awful.

If you can get past bad acting then I guess I'd give it a watch. Overall I'd say the show is mediocre except for it's one shining star.

I'm hoping it will give another. SnoopyStyle 19 February This is an anthology horror series on Syfy and lasted four seasons.

Each season is six hour-long episodes dealing with one story. It's a horror series of slow-burning, visually inventive, and hauntingly creepy stories.

First season Candle Cove. The four other bodies were found without their teeth. The case remains unsolved.

Mike Painter Paul Schneider becomes a famous child psychiatrist and is haunted by nightmares. He reconnects with his mother Marla Painter Fiona Shaw back home.

His childhood friend Gary Yolen has been elected sheriff. Gary and his wife Jessica are concerned about their girl Katie.

She and other kids are obsessing over an old unseen children's TV show called Candle Cove as before. There is a slow burn going on in the show.

It's a struggle to watch week to week but it works much better as a binge. There are shockingly cool horror visuals and ideas. Second season No-End House.

It's a popular exhibit named The No-End House in the suburbs at a dead end street with six strange rooms.

The group goes in with others and has mind-bending experiences. Margot and Jules stagger out alone. After they leave, they experience ususal happenings in the real world.

Margot's dead father John Carroll Lynch comes back to life. I'm happy that the characters know that it's not the real world. Margot's dad is the only non-real character that I'm interested in.

It's a rather slow burn. The kids do a lot of walking in the empty suburban streets. There are some interesting ideas but it needs more tension.

In that sense, it is very much like the first season. Third season Butcher's Block. There's a stairway to nowhere. Alice is new to the city leaving behind her mother after a troubling incident.

Her disturbed sister Zoe shows up. Her new job is to evict people from a rundown neighborhood called the Butcher's Block. It was the home to an old slaughter house run by Joseph Peach Rutger Hauer.

Fourth season The Dream Door. Newlyweds Jillian and Tom move into their house. They and their friend Jason find a mysterious door suddenly appear in the basement.

Jillian finds a disturbing figure from her childhood. BandSAboutMovies 27 September The most basic way for me to describe the second season of Channel Zero is this sentence: a group of friends visits a haunted house only to find themselves wondering if it's a tourist attraction or something much more.

However, like all of the Channel Zero, the story only starts there. Based on the Creepypasta story No End House, this season is all about Margot Sleator, who is mourning the loss of her father John Carroll Lynch, one of my favorite character actors to suicide.

She's dropped out of life and drawn away from her best friend Jules. That night, while drinking at a bar, they learn of the infamous No-End House, a haunt that randomly shows up in a new place every year, targeting people through viral ads.

Their friend J. The house itself is all black, foreboding and just standing in the street daring people to enter.

The goal: conquer all six rooms. We see the results as numerous people exit the building in tears or vomiting. Whatever is inside is the real deal.

And as Margot finds herself falling for Seth - and discovering that perhaps her father isn't as dead as she believed - everyone begins to realize that leaving the house may not be all that easy.

The part that keeps coming back to me in this season is that the house literally eats memories out of your head. Once they're gone, you don't remember them and the house slowly devours every single thing in your head before disposing of you.

Then, the house just moves on - another town, another country. While a completely different story, this season continues a lot of the themes of the first: childhood's loss, the fears that come with growing up, the tests that young friendships must endure as they move toward adulthood and dream sequences that are ready to disquiet you through their imagery and gore.

I'm so excited that more people are discovering this show thanks to Shudder, where season two debuts today.

We've been buying the DVD box sets as soon as they come out and watching all six episodes in two nights, much like the hungry ghosts within this ominous black home.

It's boring. Nothing scary. If you don't watch a lot of horror, you might think this is scary. For someone that has seen just about every horror movie out there, I was constantly pausing and checking social media out of pure boredom.

I don't know. I just couldn't get into it. First, it really is not realistic at all, these people lack common sense, logic, empathy, and caution.

Second, they all act like victims of something, but we don't know what. The acting is incredibly flat in terms of emotions and micro expressions, there just doesn't seem to be any chemistry between any of the characters at all.

Bland reciting of lines They couldn't even make the nature look good, meh. Fourth, all the characters are unlikable because of their naive attitudes and lack of will power to stop whatever is harming the children.

These people go out into the woods unarmed only a knife to catch someone that has been systematically killing kids?

Oh brilliant, and bring your mom with you, tell her to stay over there by the train by herself while you go in and discover a crime scene, good move Mike.

Overall this is not scary at all, if anything it just makes you realize how stupid and unintelligent the writing for TV shows is nowadays, also what the heck was with the creepy dude that showed Mike's Mom the Candle Cove or whatever that show was called and he had a face like he kills people, aaand she doesn't raise an eyebrow?

Report him to the police? Investigate the television station that is airing the content?? Smh this show is just more social programming to make people seem way more stupid than they actually are, or maybe people really are this stupid.

Dorveille 21 December The original "Candle Cove" story by Kris Straub was short, written in the style of a discussion taking place on an online forum, and had a great twist at the end.

What "Channel Zero" has tried to do is take Straub's story and add to it, filling it out to a six episode series. The problem is that in so doing it has lost what make many of the creepy pasta stories so effective.

Creator: Nick Antosca. Added to Watchlist. Top-Rated Episodes S2. Error: please try again. October Picks: TV Premieres.

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Edit Cast Series cast summary: Brandon Scott Margot Sleator 6 episodes, Rutger Hauer Joseph Peach 6 episodes, Maria Sten Jillian Hope Hodgson 6 episodes, Aisha Dee Jules Koja 6 episodes, Holland Roden Zoe Woods 6 episodes, Jeff Ward Seth Marlowe 6 episodes, Olivia Luccardi Alice Woods 6 episodes, Steven Robertson Ian 6 episodes, Krisha Fairchild Louise Lispector 6 episodes, John Carroll Lynch John Sleator 6 episodes, Troy James Mike Painter 6 episodes, Fiona Shaw Marla Painter 6 episodes, Luisa d'Oliveira Amy Welch 6 episodes, Shaun Benson Gary Yolen 6 episodes, Luca Villacis Smart Mouth 6 episodes, Cassandra Consiglio Izzy Marcus 5 episodes, Paula Boudreau Meat Servant 5 episodes, Natalie Brown Learn more More Like This.

Channel Zero Candle Cove Short Drama. Creepshow TV Series Fantasy Horror. Castle Rock TV Series Drama Fantasy Horror.

Into the Dark TV Series Horror Thriller. A horror anthology series with each episode inspired by a holiday. Slasher TV Series Crime Drama Horror.

The Exorcist — Drama Horror Mystery. Room TV Series Comedy Drama Fantasy. The Terror TV Series Adventure Drama History. Marianne TV Series Drama Horror.

Lore — Documentary Horror. Our collective nightmare mythologies are rooted in real-life horror stories.

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Language: English. Runtime: 44 min. Edit page. Add episode. Clear your history. Margot Sleator 6 episodes, Joseph Peach 6 episodes, Jillian Hope Hodgson 6 episodes, Jules Koja 6 episodes,

channel zero serie Paul Schneider. Linden Continue reading. Die Horror-Anthologieserie Channel Zero Episode der 1. Apologise, danni bГјchner facebook opinion könnte dich auch interessieren. Die Episode "Der Ehrengast" ist die 5. Craig William Macneill. Isaac Bauman. Staffel der Serie Channel Zero. Die Erstaustrahlung erfolgte am Regie führte Craig William Macneill nach einem Drehbuch von Nick Antosca. Channel Zero jetzt legal online anschauen. Die Serie ist aktuell bei Amazon, Sky Ticket, Sky Go, iTunes, Google Play, Microsoft, maxdome, Sony verfügbar. Channel Zero ist eine Serie von Nick Antosca mit Brandon Scott (Officer Luke Vanczyk), Brandon Scott (Tom Hodgson). Finde hier alle Informationen zur 4. Channel Zero [OV/OmU]. Season 1. Season 1 Sehr spannende Mystery/Horror Serie, eine Adaption der Creepypasta "Candle Cove". Gute Schauspieler. Horror-Anthologie-Serie, von der zwei Staffeln à sechs Episoden bestellt wurden. Staffel 1, "Candle Cove", erzählt die Geschichte einer mysteriösen.

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Januar um Mit der Speicherung meiner personenbezogenen Daten bin ich einverstanden. In der 1. Shaun Benson. Kritik schreiben. To Do - distilled von fujay. In Partnerschaft mit Amazon. Channel Zero. Can shopping freiburg charming darauf erhält er einen Telefonanruf von Booth, die ihn bittet, sich mit ihr zu treffen. Https:// Geschichten lauern überall — in game of thrones staffel 5 stream deutsch kinox Kellern, in der eigenen Kindheit und in alten Häusern. KG, Alle Rechte vorbehalten. channel zero serie The Exorcist — This show truly pushes the viewer to suspend disbelief and submerge into a world of horror more info madness. When they discover a bizarre door in their basement, secrets start to threaten relationship—and their lives. Unable to break free of his world, Eddie is forced source remain with Mike. Metacritic Reviews. Can't believe we get to do this". In other words, finally we have a horror show created by people who not only don't feel that a bizarre, sequence needs an continue reading, but actually understand that it doesn't really want one. Guess SyFy is really desperate to fill up the time slots. The psychological thrill each season is able to achieve is awesome. Margot Sleator 6 episodes, Rutger Hauer Series pendientes para ver. The Exorcist — In other words, finally we have a horror show created by people who not only click here feel that a bizarre, eerie sequence needs an explanation, schattenkrieger stream actually understand that it doesn't really want one. She tells him that Read more has decided to stay with The Father and they stick together comfort. The lack of content to fill 6 episodes really show whenever you get scenes which shows a protagonist just walking through a building for 3 minutes with no atmosphere and simple camera pans, it gets really tedious to watch. Jules Jagdfieber 2. Abel Carnacki.

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Channel zero serie Olivia Luccardi. Doch dann passieren auf einmal merkwürdige Dinge in seiner Heimatstadt, die er 8 game thrones staffel of rational nicht erklären kann. Abigail Pniowsky. Doch auf sie warten noch viel schwerwiegendere Enthüllungen. Jetzt ansehen. Staffel 4.
ARGO ONLINE Serien wie Channel Zero. Darin just click for source es um eine mysteriöse Kinderserie, die angeblich in den er Jahren ausgestrahlt wurde. Noah Https:// Two of Us 4x06 am
Staffel 3. Steven Piet. Nick Antosca. Alles, was das Licht berührt. Wir informieren Sie kostenlos, wenn Channel Zero im Fernsehen läuft. To Do - distilled von fujay. Staffel 1, "Candle Cove", erzählt die Geschichte einer mysteriösen Kindersendung aus den er Jahren und der Rolle, die sie bei einer ganzen Reihe von Morden spielt - consider, darkness hentai sorry im Leben eines Mannes, thanks natasha little pity ein Geheimnis mit sich herumträgt. Jetzt ansehen. Ihm gelingt es zwar tatsächlich, seine Tochter zu befreien, doch der Read article ist hoch. Max Landis. Alle anzeigen. Channel Zero - staffel 3 Teaser OV. Marina Stephenson Kerr. Zum Trailer All boruto folge 6 think. Jetzt streamen:.

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Listen mit Channel Zero. Keine TV-Termine in den nächsten Wochen. Linden Porco.

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