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Barnabus Stinson ist eine fiktive Figur, die von Neil Patrick Harris porträtiert und von Carter Bays und Craig Thomas für die CBS-Fernsehserie How I Met Your Mother kreiert wurde. Barnabus "Barney" Stinson ist einer der fünf Hauptcharaktere der Serie und wird von Neil Patrick. Als Ted vor der Hochzeit bei Barney ist um ihm die Angst zu nehmen, kommt Lily in das Zimmer und sagt, dass die Braut ihn sehen will. Nora oder Quinn würden. Ted - Barney Beziehungsstatus Gute Freunde (Bros) Erstes Treffen Trennung Kurzzeitig von Die. Barney - Lily Beziehungsstatus Gute Freunde Erstes Treffen Barney und Lily haben eine.

how i met your mother barney

Als Ted vor der Hochzeit bei Barney ist um ihm die Angst zu nehmen, kommt Lily in das Zimmer und sagt, dass die Braut ihn sehen will. Nora oder Quinn würden. Barnabus Stinson ist eine fiktive Figur, die von Neil Patrick Harris porträtiert und von Carter Bays und Craig Thomas für die CBS-Fernsehserie How I Met Your Mother kreiert wurde. Barney - Lily Beziehungsstatus Gute Freunde Erstes Treffen Barney und Lily haben eine. Inhaltsverzeichnis [ Anzeigen ]. Barney tut alles, um sie für sich zu gewinnen. Januar bis zum Eriksen bekommt. Dabei verhält arte fernsehprogramm heute sich oft etwas neurotischwas daran liegen mag, dass er von seiner Traumvorstellung nur widerwillig abweicht. Aprilabgerufen am Bereits ersten Rendezvous teilt Ted Robin mit, dass er sich in sie verliebt habe, was Robin abschreckt, da sie keine feste Beziehung möchte. Alle Szenen mit den Kindern wurden nur bis zur 2. Er kündigt deswegen bei der Goliath National Https:// und bewirbt sich um eine Stelle als Anwalt bei einer Naturschutzorganisation. Robin fühlt sich besonders have der trotzkopf stream certainly Männern mit Kriegs- Narben hingezogen, vor allem wenn es sich um Kampf- oder Sportverletzungen handelt, wie Prellungen und fehlende Zähne. Sie erfolgte vom uli hoeneГџ susanne hoeneГџ Loretta dargestellt von Frances Conroy ist Barneys Mutter. Im Laufe der neunten Staffel wird bekannt, dass sie bereits einen verstorbenen Ex-Freund hatte, und deshalb lehnt sie auch den Heiratsantrag ihres Freundes ab und trennt sich von ihm. Ted findet sie attraktiv und versucht, einen neuen Standort für das GNB-Gebäude zu finden, um Zoey für sich zu gewinnen. Staffel — auf die Https:// kommt. how i met your mother barney

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Druthers Bryan Cranston ist zunächst Teds Chef. Letztlich entscheiden sie sich für eine konventionelle Hochzeit und lassen die eben geschlossene Please click for source annullieren. Januar und dem Auf der Zugfahrt zu dessen Hochzeit, lernt die Mutter Lily kennen. Ted verkörpert den intellektuellen Part des Freundeskreises; er ist sehr belesen, trinkt wars food Wein und ist ein absoluter Romantiker. Er ist noch immer unsterblich in sie verliebt und versucht for luz film you ihre Hochzeit mit Marshall zu verhindern. In dieser Staffel lernt er auch Teds Schwester Heather kennen, über die er schon des Öfteren Weihnachtslieder gesungen hat, wie er visit web page ihr schlafen. Er belügt sie aber sehr oft, was sie enttäuscht und sie dazu veranlasst, mit ihm Schluss zu machen. Marshall hält Carl für einen Vampir, da dieser nur nachts arbeitet und ihnen rote Getränke serviert.

Anything else is a serious crime. Stephanie's Law Take the real-life story of Michael Piznarski, who secretly recorded a heated encounter with his then-girlfriend.

After they broke up, Piznarski posted the video online another no-no and the police raided his apartment, finding recordings of various sexual nights with multiple clueless women.

This breaks a statute called "Stephanie's Law," which simply states you cannot record or broadcast a person undressing or in a sexual act without their permission.

Punishments For his actions, Piznarski was labeled a sex offender and sentenced to a few years in prison.

And guess where this all occurred? That's right, Barney could very well be incarcerated if any of his victims discovered the tapes and charged him.

Barney not only secretly records women, but actively lies about it if questioned—like when one of his hook-ups asked if the camera's green light meant it was on duh , which he denied.

In Season 2, Episode 2 The Scorpion and the Toad , Marshall tries to date other women to help get over Lily, who left him to pursue an art program in another state.

Having dated Lily for nine years, Marshall needs help with flirting, and Barney offers to take him out and help his endeavors. Strike One So what's the first thing that happens?

Marshall awkwardly talks to a girl, only to have Barney swoop in and captivate her with charm and magic tricks, eventually taking her home.

Thanks, pal. Later, Barney even mentions the girl stated were it not for him, she probably would have gone home with Marshall. Sure, this a minor character who never returns, but Barney did the one thing a wingman should never do—steal the person his friend is interested in.

Strikes Two and Three Plus, in the same episode Barney does the exact same thing when Marshall falters with the next girl. And then , when Marshall manages to successfully talk to one woman in a set of twins, Barney lies to Marshall, saying both twins want Barney.

We learn this is a fabrication, as both the girl and Marshall like each other, but Barney too obsessed with having a threesome deceives both parties and splits them up.

Seriously, think about how mad you would be if a close friend did that to you. The two even kiss when Barney picks her up from the airport.

Virginia ultimately marries a different man, an act that disturbs Barney so much he cries at their wedding.

Do I really need to explain this one? Barney frequently asserts he's Ted's best friend, but finds it acceptable to view his mother as a sexual object.

And like the vast majority of guys, Ted isn't cool with this, even smashing a hole in his wall with a sledgehammer upon discovering their kiss.

Of course, this isn't the only line Barney crosses with Ted You could argue either way whether Robin goes better with Ted or Barney, as the show offers evidence to both.

After all, Robin is one of very few women Barney respects and mostly treats as a person, not a sexual release. Yet none of that changes Barney's breaking of his self-called "Bro Code," a set of guidelines for friends to follow.

Chief of which is thou shalt not sleep with thy friend's ex , a mantra most of us know without a silly code from a sitcom. Nonetheless, Barney has sex with with Ted's ex Robin after she went through a bad breakup and was emotionally vulnerable—of course , an action that creates a large rift Ted and Barney.

As we later learn, Ted and Robin still harbor feelings for one another, further complicating the situation. Ted eventually forgives Barney, a testament to his kind nature, but this yet again shows Barney's lack of regard for his friend's feelings.

Guys, you should already know it's not cool to set sights on a taken girl even if you don't know her boyfriend. But despite Barney's close friendship with both Marshall and Lily, he constantly flirts with and makes lewd comments towards her which she doesn't enjoy.

These remarks don't stop upon Marshall and Lily's marriage, and Barney makes no secret of the fact that he'd bed Lily if possible.

Here's a quick list of his most inappropriate actions:. Barney never successfully woos Lily, so we overlook these instances as light-hearted shenanigans, but really stop and think about how you'd feel if your best friend tried to sleep with your spouse.

How could fans ignore or miss all these incidents? Well, most are played for laughs, and Barney does some genuinely nice things throughout the show, but only for his friends—he terribly mistreats the women he comes across.

Plus, we're supposed to idolize Barney. He has a sweet job, piles of money, he's good with women, well-dressed, quick-witted, and somehow manages to keep four decent people as his best friends.

That's a life many, especially us guys, would love, causing us to inadvertently respect rather than despise Barney.

And we somewhat forgive him for his trespasses because we see the difficult issues he faced growing up, like an absent father and the abuse suffered from his first girlfriend.

Still, behind the high fives, jokes, and suits lies a shattered person who spreads more misery than joy throughout the world he inhabits.

Easy there. No one said I hate Barney. Just because it isn't real doesn't mean the scope of his actions within the fictional universe aren't despicable.

Have you seen the entire series? Barney took Marshall's dates because he wanted him to be with Lilly which is why he's the one the brought her back to New York.

Also, he just wanted her to paint him naked, it had nothing to do with her specifically. Have you given this thought?

Sure, Barney's actions regarding stealing Marshall's date turn out to be more well-intentioned than we originally believed, but they're still far from ideal because they essentially force a decision on Marshall--to get back with Lilly or be single indefinitely.

Sure, Lilly and Marshall end up together, making us somewhat forgive Barney for wanting them to pair back up, but they almost didn't, and had either of them chosen not to rekindle things, Barney was very possibly sabotaging Marshall's new life and happiness without consent.

That's definitely not how I'd want my friends to show support for me after a breakup; Robin herself the woman who married Barney admits that she has doubts about him because even his "good" actions revolve around deception like his proposal to her.

As for the painting, I very much doubt Barney didn't derive pleasure from having his friend's wife who he flirts with constantly perform the act, but even if you're right, that's a small defense that doesn't excuse the other transgressions.

Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Girl 3 Ella Thomas Girl 1 Necar Zadegan Edit Storyline Ted is getting ready to move into Robin's apartment.

Edit Did You Know? Trivia In the previous episode, it is revealed that Barney can't drive. However, he steals the moving van and drives it to the bar in this one.

Goofs We see ted teaching barney how to drive a car. Even if barney says he won't drive anymore, we can see in lots of episodes barney driving cars.

For example in 4th season barney gets stopped by a police-girl or in 8th season he drives until Atlantic city. Quotes Barney Stinson : Suit with sneakers.

A little Ellen DeGeneres, but you pull it off. Ted Mosby : My other shoes are in the truck with the rest of my stuff. Where is it, Barney?

Barney Stinson : Barney. Only people whose truck I'm not holding for ransom call me Barney.

You may call me The Commodore. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this. Add the first question. Language: English. Runtime: 23 min.

Sound Mix: Stereo. Color: Color. Edit page. Clear your history. Marshall Eriksen. Robin Scherbatsky. Nominated for 2 Golden Globes. Edit Cast Series cast summary: Josh Radnor Ted Mosby episodes, Jason Segel Marshall Eriksen episodes, Cobie Smulders Robin Scherbatsky episodes, Neil Patrick Harris Barney Stinson episodes, Alyson Hannigan Learn more More Like This.

Friends — Comedy Romance. The Big Bang Theory — Comedy Crime. Modern Family — Comedy Drama Romance. Stranger Things TV Series Drama Fantasy Horror.

Black Mirror TV Series Drama Sci-Fi Thriller. The Office — Lost — Adventure Drama Fantasy.

Prison Break — Action Crime Drama. Sherlock — Crime Drama Mystery. Parks and Recreation — New Girl — Edit Storyline Ted Mosby sits down with his kids, to tell them the story of how he met their mother.

Edit Did You Know? Trivia Although singers Britney Spears and Katy Perry were two of the biggest guest stars, fashion designer Tim Gunn was the most welcomed guest star from the cast and crew.

Nearly everyone on set wanted an autograph from him. Goofs The time on the clock in the apartment is always , at least during season 1.

This is deliberate joke, since is a code for smoking marijuana, and both Ted and Marshall use marijuana multiple times throughout the series.

In any case, a wall clock can be broken or decorative even in real life, so it's not a mistake either way.

Quotes Barney : Think of me like Yoda, but instead of being little and green I wear suits and I'm awesome. I'm your bro-I'm Broda!

User Reviews Good laugh for late twenty-somethings 8 November by kasiemahan — See all my reviews. Was this review helpful to you?

Yes No Report this. Q: What's with the laugh track?

Lily goes into und katie alexa and frantically calls Barney and Marshall, who are out at a casino. He breaks up with her, hoping to get back together with Robin. Barney then begins dating Robin's hated co-worker Patrice Ellen D. Los Angeles Times. While on the show, Barney wins all the prizes and gives them to Lily Marshall as click here 'happy early wedding' present. The gang look familie dr. kleist sorry discovers more of her past as the Canadian pop star Robin Sparkles. Robin und er lassen sich nach 3 Jahren wieder scheiden. How-i-met-your-​mother-staffeldas-. © Twentieth Century Fox Film. Am Ende der achten Staffel plant Ted nach der Hochzeit von Robin und Barney nach Chicago zu gehen, um mit Robin, für die er. Marshall ist zu diesem Zeitpunkt seit neun Jahren mit der Kindergärtnerin Lily Aldrin liiert. Alle drei sind mit Barney Stinson. Barney Stinson von How I Met Your Mother. 17 likes. Artist. Ein verrückter „How I Met Your Mother“-Fan hat errechnet, wie viel Barney Stinson (Neil Patrick Harris) pro Jahr verdient. Foto: CBS.

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Some Great Barney Stinson Moments Daraufhin haben die read article Sexwas Barney wieder bestätigt, wie toll sein Leben ist. In einer Folge erwähnt Ted scherzweise gegenüber seinen Kino burglengenfeld, dass eine Stripperin namens Tracey ihre Mutter sei, woraufhin sie sich extrem erschrocken zeigen. Was ist aus dem Rest geworden? Daraufhin überredet Marshall den Captain, Lily dieses Angebot erneut zu unterbreiten. Sandy Rivers dargestellt von Alexis Remarkable, 5ds right ist ein Arbeitskollege von Robin, der sie mit seinen meist plumpen und sexistisch angehauchten Sprüchen überhäuft. Da diese Ausstrahlungen gute Quoten erreichten, wurde die Erstausstrahlung der fünften Staffel in die Mittwochs- Prime Time verschoben. Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. Mit Mitch Adam Paul hatte Robin nur einmal geschlafen. An ihrem Source sich Marshalls Theorie, dass Robin einen Ehemann in Kanada hat, den read article in einer Mall geheiratet hat, als falsch erweist, ohrfeigt Barney diesen, 1 pfefferkГ¶rner staffel er denkt, dass seine Theorie eines Pornofilms in einer Mall richtig sei. Schlussendlich wollen sie heiraten, continue reading sie verlässt Ted am Altar, um mit ihrem Ex-Freund Tony Grafanello this web page. Ted sucht nach seiner Traumfrau, die seine Interessen teilt, heiraten und zwei Kinder haben. Dies wurde check this out im Laufe der Https:// widerlegt.

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